Our Vision

 Providing an outstanding Catholic education that integrates faith, life and culture.

St John’s is a vibrant place of passionate people who are proud to be a part of this faith community.

St John’s school community is committed to Catholic faith through action.

St John’s is a community where students, teachers and parents are purposefully, actively and collaboratively engaged in teaching and learning.

St John’s incorporates varied environments and experiences in learning practices.
Children’s curiosity is encouraged and enabled.

At St John’s, everyone is valued and leadership is shared.

St John’s will resource all its educational facilities and activities.

St John’s is committed to environmental responsibility and promotes sustainable practices.

St John’s community is welcoming.

St John’s takes a collaborative, committed approach to partnerships, both locally and globally.

St John’s is positive and honest in all its communications.

St John’s is a supportive and enjoyable learning community that promotes confidence and resilience. Our core values are honesty, compassion, creativity and respect.

Students, staff and parents feel safe and happy, and all individuals are respected.