Learning and Teaching

Vision of Learning

The staff of St. John’s Parish School believe that all students bring individual perceptions, experiences, attitudes and achievements with them when they come to school. Therefore, catering for individual differences is a vital component of our teaching.
The students at St. John’s Parish School are encouraged to be involved in setting goals, choosing tasks and developing assessments and standards for the tasks. Teachers need to have an overall picture of learning and the steps and processes needed to achieve this.
Students are continually encouraged to develop and refine learning and problem solving strategies. They are guided to apply and transfer knowledge to solve problems.
Students at St. John’s Parish School work towards gaining and valuing the skills to learn with others. They develop an understanding that learning is social but need to be exposed to other points of view to solve problems and issues


The tasks presented to students will bear a close relationship to the real world and build on life experiences that are relevant and interesting to the learner.
The tasks should be challenging and varied catering for the needs of each student.
We aim for students to extend their thinking and social skills in order to enhance their success.
Key Learning Areas will be integrated wherever practicable.

At St. John’s Parish School a range of assessment methods are used to collect information on the achievements of individuals and groups of children over time.
Assessments will have meaning for the learner, and may produce information, product or action.
Instruction and assessment will be integrated and inclusive.
Student’s will receive ongoing feedback about their learning and progress and will be able to contribute through self-assessment.


Instructional Model
Students will be encouraged to construct and produce knowledge by solving problems, conduct meaningful inquiry, engage in reflection and build a repertoire of effective strategies.
The curriculum will respond to learner needs and interests and students will make decisions regarding their learning.

Learning Context
St John’s Parish School is a learning community where learners work collaboratively and independently.
Diversity and multiple perspectives are valued and utilised to extend children’s knowledge and skills.
Class groups with learners of different ability levels and backgrounds.
Groups are formed and re-formed according to the purpose of instruction; sometimes ability grouping and sometimes mixed ability or multi-age.


Teacher Roles
At St. John’s teachers will create opportunities for students to do authentic tasks and share knowledge and responsibility.
They help students to gain understanding and skills by modelling, explaining, redirecting focus and providing options.
Each teacher needs to consider him/herself as a learner and collaborate with other teachers and practicing professionals to improve teaching practice. Teachers learn along with students and students may serve as teachers.

Student Roles
At St. John’s, students will explore new ideas and tools for learning.
They observe, apply and refine, through practise, the thinking processes used by experts in specific content areas.